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These pages are intended for the presentation of any documents which you may want to share with other Agnew family members.   Things such as wills, marriage records, personal correspondence perhaps, or any other materials which would fall into the category of "documents".

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Since the recent death of DR. G. Marie Agnew-Marcelli and the termination of the publication of the International Agnew Newsletter (IAN) the various essays she wrote for IAN are provided for review here.


Stonewalls, a Different Approach; An Introduction     2010

Paper I - Construction of a 17th Century Census of Agnews in County Antrim    2011

Agnew Mysteries - Toberagnew    2011

Agnew and O'gneeve - The Gordian Knot - Part I    2012

Census Substitute for Agnews in Galloway and The Wigton Parish Tables      2012

Armorial Gravestones - Part I    2012

Heraldry Basics     2012

Armorial Gravestones - Part II    2013

Speaking of the Kennedy's   2013  [See link above]

Armorial Gravestones - Antrim    2013

    Appendix A
    Appendix B
    Appendix C

The Kings Castle of Lochnaw    2013

Armorial Gravestones - New England   2014

Armorial Gravestones - Pennsylvania    2014

James Agnew and Dalreagle Cadets - I     2015

James Agnew and Dalreagle Cadets - II    2015

By Dr. G. Marie Agnew-Marcelli, from April 2013:

In the mid 1980s there was considerable dialog amongst the members of the Agnew group who collaborated to produce a newsletter, regarding the validity of a claim to royalty by many Agnew researchers.   The point being simply, if this be so, then let's validate it with proper research and documentation.

For many of us newcomers to Agnew family history we may not make any connection between the surname Kennedy and that of Agnew.   But for those with a serious interest in the historical accuracy of the printed reference material we all find so readily available, this essay reviews this connection and examines in detail how it may indeed not be a legitmate claim to royal descent.

Her title page reads as follows:
* * * * * *
Speaking of the Kennedys-
With the masses of data now easily accessible via the Internet-
What is the Current Documentation Status for Lady Mary Kennedy?

For an interesting analysis of this topic please READ MORE HERE:

In April of 2013 Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw Bt, 11th Baronet and Chief of the Agnews submitted an article for publication in the then ongoing International Agnew Newsletter (IAN).   He presented a conundrum of much interest to all Agnews where he asks simply, are the Agnews of Norman origin or Irish origin?   His in depth essay provides an interesting and informative work summarizing the heraldic 'clues' for all to consider.  

"The Origins of the Agnews - heraldic clues"


Over the past years as we traveled about looking for Agnew remants we collected gravestone photos we pulled them together for our own purposes so we could search them out easily and refer to them on and off as our research commenced.   They are now available here for anyone to access and use at their discretion.  

Various Agnew Headstones