Agnew Family Photos
Moore French Agnew

Born 1818  -  Belfast, Ireland
Died 25 Oct 1873, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Parents:  George & Letitia (Reid) Agnew

Samuel John Agnew

Born Sept 1856  -   Jay, New York
Died 5 June 1906, Ogdensburgh, New York
Parents:  John & Mary Ann (Howard) Agnew
Anna May Agnew

Born June 1889 Jay, New York
Died Nov 1947
Husband:  Otis Duffany
Parents:  Samuel John and Cora (Pelkey) Agnew
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William Agnew
(Sergeant Royal Artillery)

  Born 18 Oct 1813 Donegore, Antrim
Died 1901 to 1904
With wife Jane Brown Beck born 1825
Marriage: 1 July 1847 Antrim, Ireland
Parents:  Samuel & Elizabeth (Henry) Agnew

John & Jane (Tierney) Agnew

John 1865 - 1925
Jane ???? - 1899
Baby John 1891 - 1968
Dunmurry, Co. Antrim, NI