Our mission is to provide a platform to collect, communicate, and preserve Agnew family history, heritage, and genealogical information.

The decision and effort to provide this site is a bit of an experiment.  It will start out with some basic information and will grow in content and scope if we receive favorable response and input from Agnew family visitors. The intent is to keep the format simple and viewer friendly.   No fancy bells and whistles here.

It is established with no intent to compete in any way with the several other long established Agnew online internet sites or newsletters. We recognize that the primary interaction among the various Agnew lines is via email.    We do not foresee that changing. That communication is, however, limited to those doing the interchange.  Here is a forum for AgnewsEverywhere!   Perhaps YOU have something you just wish you could share.

To get it started it will be populated from personal resources, the natural result of years of family history digging. Serious attention to proper and concise citation, when appropriate, will be made. It is hoped that, by starting small and growing methodically, that AgnewsEverywhere.Com will come to be a trusted and popular site for all Agnew family members.  By sharing documents, data, photos and other information helpful for establishing our lines to a greater depth of understanding everyone might benefit.

Suggestions regarding content and format are welcomed.  Submissions are welcomed. Proper citation is important.   Please obey copyright.   It is a part time, hobby level, involvement for us.   There will be no mechanism for open loading of data or information.    This is a free no charge, no profit, no money involved website.